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Freshly cut lawn from a hired professional that provides lawn care services.

Your Lawn in Harmony.

With a devoted owner-operator at the helm of Chorus Lawn Services, our professional lawn care company tirelessly works to achieve perfection, tending to every detail. 

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Motivated Owner-Operator: Committed to Lawn Care In Thurston County

In the South Sound, where lawns face the challenges of dampness and compression, it's crucial to maintain native soil over builder-placed or debris-laden areas, allowing it to breathe. At Chorus Lawn Services, we extend this principle to every aspect of your property with respect to your neighbors in mind, recognizing that Mother Nature introduces variables to annual lawn care. Stay assured as we stay informed through a regional network of professionals, tailored to the unique needs of our environment.

Lawn Maintenance

Ready to Cultivate a Gorgeous Lawn That Captivates?

Call Us: (360) 888-5644

Why Us

Lawn care experts a phone call away.

With multiple years of hands-on expertise at Indiana University and a seasoned understanding of the South Sound environment, Chorus Lawn Services stands out for its commitment to excellence. We prioritize simplicity and service, taking on tasks only when we can exceed expectations. Choose Chorus for unparalleled lawn care and attention to detail.

Lawn Care Services Provided

Experience the perfection of a freshly cut lawn by Chorus Lawn Services in Thurston County – a lush and precisely manicured green oasis.

Weekly | Bi-Weekly

Our weekly lawn care maintenance ensures a consistently lush and manicured lawn, while our bi-weekly service strikes the perfect balance, allowing for optimal health and vibrancy.

Chorus Lawn Services: Where lush green grass meets perfection.


Experience environmentally conscious lawn care with our clean and safe fertilization methods, promoting lush greenery while prioritizing the well-being of your family and the environment.

Chorus Lawn Services: Witness the magical transformation from bare dirt to a lush green front lawn. Our expertise turns dreams into reality, creating a vibrant and inviting space right at your doorstep.

Restoring Grass

Revitalize your lawn with our expert grass restoration services, turning tired turf into a vibrant, resilient carpet of green that will impress your neighbors.

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Helping A Mission

As avid supporters of our Veteran Community, we are honored to collaborate with the non-profit organization Forgotten Coast K9. Their vital mission focuses on preventing suicides within the Veteran and First Responder Community by helping provide service dogs and educational resources for training personal K9 companions all over the nation. To learn more about their impactful work, please visit:

Service Dogs
Service Dogs

Changing Lives.
Saving Lives.
You Are Not Forgotten.

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