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Lawn mowing

Services Provided

We prioritize a commitment-based relationship with our annual lawn maintenance clients, emphasizing agreements over contracts. Our seamless electronic estimating, invoicing, and note adjustment processes are designed for ease, all centered around effective communication.

Annual Mowing Client Offerings

  • Weekly/Bi-weekly Lawn Maintenance (Electric Mowers Available)

  • Fertilization

  • Lawn Renovation

  • Lawn Cleanups

  • Garden Bed Maintenance - Weeds & Mulch

  • Shrub Trimming & Light Pruning Services

  • Pressure Washing (H2O only)  

* Annual Clients (Standalone / One off projects to be completed on separate day of service from your mowing.

Our Service Offerings

Lawn Maintenance

We adapt to prevailing weather conditions, consistently employing bagging, trimming/edging, and thorough cleanup of hard surfaces, ensuring clippings are removed from the property. Maintaining a grass height between 2.75" to 3", we're flexible to cut higher for drought-tolerant requirements. Operating in all weather conditions, with rare exceptions, we commit to delivering guaranteed quality service. Utilizing top-brand commercial equipment with a light footprint (ask about our eco-friendly mowing option), sharp blades, and clean decks, we prioritize precision and professionalism in every job.

Lawn maintenance


Opt for our affordable and phosphorus-free lawn care program. Customize with add-on services like red thread treatment and pre-emergent weed control, or opt-out if you prefer. We also offer targeted solutions for leatherjacket and fire ant issues, ensuring a simple and effective approach to lawn health. (City of Olympia's Approach to Natural Yard Care)

Lawn Renovation

Revitalize your lawn with our effective combination of simple approaches, including aeration and overseeding with site-specific seed selection, dethatching, debris removal, and top dressing with premium organic products for optimal seed-to-soil contact. Achieve a healthy and vibrant lawn through our expert care.

lawn maintenance
lawn cleanup

Lawn Cleanups

Transform your lawn with our standalone cleanup services, individually tailored through on-site assessments for accurate estimates. We welcome real estate, vacation, and out-of-state property owners, ensuring your outdoor space receives meticulous lawn care and enhancement.

Contact us today if you are interested in becoming an annual customer and have access to the additional lawn care services we offer. 
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